The Logo of FC Barcelona

The first logo that FC Barcelona had was very different than the one today. It lasted from 1899 to 1910. The Cross of St George and the Catalan Flag were depicted on it. There were also branches of palm and laurel plants surrounding the images in the middle of the crest. In the top part of the logo, there was a crown and even a bat. It is known that the crown and the bat were the symbols of the Barcelona Counts. The branches symbolize peace.

In 1910 a new crest was needed. So there was a competition for the best logo ideas. It was won by one of the footballers.  The ideas that he suggested were well accepted and laid to the creation of a new logo. Most of the symbols used for that logo are still present in the one used nowadays.

The Logo from 1939 to 1974

In 1939 the dictator Franco restricted all football clubs from using foreign words in their names. So the club of Barcelona changed its name to Club de Futbol Barcelona. So the letters FCB on the logo were replaced by the letters CFB. Franco also made the club remove the Catalan flag from the crest and use the Spanish flag instead. The only difference between the two flags was that the Spanish one didn’t have so many stripes as the Catalan one.

1974 to 2019

After the dictator Franco died, the club of Barcelona changed the letters CFB to the original ones – FCB. However, the other elements of the design of the crest remained the same. In 2002 the lines used in the logo were stylized. The dots after each letter in the name of the club were removed. Also, the name was written in smaller letters.

The Logo from 2019 to Present

The most significant change that was suggested for the newest crest was the letter FCB to be removed from it. However, this idea was not well accepted. The new logo has all black lines taken away from it. The stripes of Blaugrana are reduced from seven to five. Most of the colors used in the crest are made lighter. The change that the club fans like the most is that the ball is made more visible.

The design of the Logo Used Today

The crest of the club used nowadays contains the symbols that have been used throughout the interesting history of FCB Barcelona.

  • Top left part – in the top left corner of the logo, you can see the Cross of St George, who is believed to be the patron saint of the Catalonian region.
  • Top right part –in the top right corner is the Catalan national flag, which is made of red lines on a gold background.
  • The bottom part – in the bottom section, we can see red and blue lines which refer to the colors of the club and serve as background for a gold ball.