The History of FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona was founded in 1899 by Joan Gamper. He had the desire to make a football club and posted an advert in the newspaper. Luckily, eleven people responded to his appeal, and thus the club was created. In 1902 the team couldn’t win the Copa del Rey as they lost to Bizcaya. However, from 1903 to 1928, the club won this cup 8 times.

The Change of Directors of the Team

Due to the Spanish Civil War and the dictatorship regime of Franco, Gamper had to leave the club. The founder of the club was deported from Spain. As you can imagine, the reasons were political. Josep Sunyol was chosen to be the new director of the club. However, he was an opponent to the dictatorship regime, which led to his execution in 1938.

The Regime of Franco and FC Barcelona

It is needless to say that life under the regime of Franco was difficult. At the beginning of the dictatorship, FC Barcelona had a hard time. Franco made the club change its name from Football Club Barcelona to Barcelona Club de Futbol as he prohibited the use of foreign words in the names of football clubs. Another necessary change was the logo from which the Catalan colors were taken away.

Interestingly enough, the following 20 years appeared to be successful for FC Barcelona. From 1942 to 1957, the team won five La Liga titles, as well as five Copa del Rey ones. After that, the club had its stadium Camp Nou built. Barca also had a new manager – Helenio Herrera. Under the management of Herrera, the team won twice the La Liga title and once the Copa del Rey in the following three years.

The 60s were not very successful for FC Barcelona. Indeed, they were the first team to win a victory over Real Madrid in the European Cup. However, in the following ten years after that, Real Madrid appeared to be a very strong opponent. So for a whole decade, Barca managed to win only two Copa del Rey cups.

The Dutch football star Johan Cruyff joined FC Barcelona in 1973. Thanks to his significant contribution, the team won the La Liga title in 1974.

Johan Cruyff’s Contribution to the Club

It was in 1979 when Johan Cruyff had an idea of creating a football academy. His suggestion was very well accepted. So an old building was turned into the Academy of Barca. The academy was named after the building – La Masia. Some of the world’s greatest football players started their careers in La Masia. The most famous ones are Cesc Fàbregas, Pep Guardiola, Lionel Messi, and Gerard Pique.

In 1988 Johan Cruyff became the manager of Barcelona. At the very beginning of his managing of the club, he gathered the so-called ‘dream team.’ Some of the stars that joined the club then were Pep Guardiola, Txiki Begiristain, Romàrio,  Hristo Stoichkov, and Michael Laudrup. All of them contributed to the future successful years of the team.