Some of FC Barcelona’s Greatest Footballers

FC Barcelona is one of the most successful clubs in world history. That’s why a significant number of the most talented football players have played in it. In this article, we have chosen to present to you some of the top football players that have worn the famous T-shirt of FC Barcelona. Read along to learn who they are and to understand some interesting facts about them.

Ronaldinho Amazed Even the Fans of Rival Teams

Ronaldinho played for FC Barcelona from 2003 to 2008. His skills with the ball amazed not only the fans of the club but also the rival ones. Probably every fan of the club remembers the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu proudly.

During this match, Ronaldinho scored two magnificent goals. Even the fans of Real Madrid were astonished and applauded that talented football player from the rival team. Thanks to this Brazilian footballer, the team won twice La Liga, twice Supercopa de Espana, and the Champions League.

Gerard Pique Left Manchester United to Join His All-Time Favorite Team

Gerard Pique has played for FC Barcelona since 2008. Actually, even before 2008, Pique played for the Youth Team of FC Barcelona. Then he joined Manchester United for a short period of time but decided to come back to his original team. In the beginning, Pique, being a center-back, played in collaboration with Pyoul.

However, after his partner retired, Pique got the leading role at the back. Thanks to Gerard Pique Barcelona has won a lot of championships such as La Liga (8 times), Supercopa de Espana (6 times), UEFA Super Cup (twice), Copa del Rey (6 times), FIFA Club World Cup (3 times), and the Champions League (3 times).

Lionel Messi Broke the World Record of Most Goals Scored for a Year

Speaking of Barcelona, the first name that pops into one’s mind is probably the one of Lionel Messi.  He started playing for FC Barcelona in 2004, and he has had a significant role in the team since then. 2012 will be remembered in the history of world football as the year in which Messi scored 91 goals, thus beating the world record.

Lionel Messi has played in more than 700 of the club’s matches and has scored more than 600 goals. There is no wonder why he won the Ballon d’Or six times. Being a great team player, Messi has also assisted for more than 200 goals.  Messi contributed to FC Barcelona winning a high number of competitions –Supercopa de Espana ( 8 times), the UEFA Super Cup (3 times), Copa del Rey (6 times), the Champions League (4 times), the FIFA Club World Cup (3 times).

Xavi Won 25 Trophies

Xavi played for FC Barcelona from 1998 to 2015. During his 17 seasons with the club, he appeared in 767 matches, winning 25 trophies. Not only is Xavi very talented but also extremely intelligent. He was an outstanding team player assisting his fellow team members to flourish. Thanks to Xavi FC Barcelona won eight times La Liga, six times Supercopa de Espana, twice the UEFA Super Cup, twice the FIFA Club World Cup, and four times the Champions League.